My Story . . .

I've been collecting lightning protection related items for over 35 years. 

The goal is to enhance my knowledge of what is still out there and preserve this disappearing part of history.

Being fairly well-known within this hobby, I can provide testimonial from fellow collectors and dear friends.

I also offer fair prices and can provide support and resources.

If any of this might help you, feel free to reach out by phone or on the contact form page. 

       - Tony Labarbera

314 368 8669

Tim Hillwood

“I've known Tony for almost 10 years. He always conveys a sense of friendliness and trust along with a high level of expertise in whatever he does."

Tech services, and professional musician

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A few samples of some weathervanes, lightning rods, and related items we have . . . 

lightning rod with cow

Some vintage pieces come with historical papers– always a nice plus. 

old weather vanes in 3 types

Metal weather vanes come in all kinds of designs and colors. 

They harken back to an earlier time, yet still can serve a functional use in today's world. 

Cole Bros Lightning Rod Company paperwork

Cole Bros. Lightning Rod Company - a classic and popular name brand manufacturer.



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